Are Refurbished Game Consoles Worth It?

To be a gamer is to invest in things that are surely not necessary in life. Gaming consoles are luxury items. They are not something like food or shelter that will make or break your life.

It is within this premise that we should start this discussion. Having this kind of outlook in life will make this essay to be easier to understand.

Refurbished gaming consoles will really offer the possibility of gaming for a cheaper price, albeit with a little bit of some compromise.

In this article, we will explore these compromises that a gamer may experience. We will also explore the positive side of having an option to be able to buy a refurbished gaming console.

We will also discuss the difference between the second-hand and refurbished ones. We shall also give some advice on what to look out in buying refurbished gaming consoles.

So, you better stick with the discussion until the end to enable you to make your mind whether to buy or not to buy a refurbished gaming console. Gamers, buckle up, this information is for you!

What is a refurbished game console?

Refurbished means the item is technically second-hand, although with a little bit of a twist. Refurbished game consoles are actually improved second-hand items.

They have undergone some basic examinations to ensure that before handing them out to the customer the consoles are working.

It may include a warranty, although more likely to be for a very brief period of time. A refurbished game console is probably from a person who sold back the console to the retailer due to some issues often within the original purchaser’s warranty period.

However, one thing is for sure, it is cheaper than the retail price or even in some instances, to second-hand game consoles with after-market accessories.

In short, refurbished game consoles are those which are previously owned by another. It was found defective, returned to the warehouse or the retailer, fixed by the retailer itself or by third-party repair shops, then, sold again by them.

If someone has a tight budget, it is highly recommended to look for refurbished game consoles than accommodating second-hand or worse re-sellers who often hoards the product to sell it for a higher price.

What should one look out for when buying refurbished game consoles?

Luckily, refurbished game consoles are safer than second-hand ones. Nevertheless, it is never bad to err in the side of caution. At the end of the day, it is your hard earned money that you put in line.

Who wants to have a cheaper game console but with a compromised quality, right? In this case, I have the following advice to future buyers of refurbished game consoles:

1] Always be aware of the current price ratio of refurbished game consoles between the retail price of brand-new ones. Sometimes it’s just worth it to have the brand-new game consoles and be assured of having longer warranty periods compared to refurbished ones which have shorter;

2] Be wary of the warranty of refurbished game consoles. Never purchase something without some kind of a warranty. Even a month of warranty may likely save you from spending that precious money of yours for unwanted repairs; and

3] Be sure that you are not compromising what you really like. Often, because of budget concerns, a lot of people compromise not just the quality of the game console they want but also the model that they want. However, this will surely not meet the standards you want and often not give you the same satisfaction that the console you always wanted can give you.

Are second hand game consoles reliable?

To be honest with you, no matter how someone sugarcoat it, there is a risk involved in buying refurbished game consoles and even second-hand ones.

We need to remember that these products are susceptible to wear and tear, as inside these very cute or monster machines are moving parts, which degrades as usage time increases.

Well, to be frank even if the game console is not used, its quality still deteriorates. There are some who found luck in their quest for high quality gaming.

Yet, there are a lot of us gamers who had lackluster experience from buying refurbished game consoles.

The worst story I had is when my friend was not just scammed but straight up robbed by the bogus seller when they met up in some mall.

At the end of the day, and it cannot be overemphasized that it is your money that is on the line. If your hunch is to get that refurbished gamer console, it is up to you.

Just remember that there is risk for everything, even if you buy the latest game console brand new.

Is it worth buying second hand ps4?

Just like buying a second hand or refurbished game console, a PS4 is still a gaming console which is susceptible to the cons we have mentioned above.

However, what is unique in this question is the fact that PS5 exists. PS5 offers new technology such as ray tracing capabilities.

This ray tracing capability is reported to be existing with PS4, this, notwithstanding the possibility of voiding your warranty.

PS5 is the next generation of consoles. However, even if that is the case, it does not mean that PS4 is obsolete already.

Since PS5 is a new gaming console, it is highly likely that the game you wanted to play is yet to be available in PS5.

On the other hand, since PS as a gaming console is a hit with gamers, there is a high chance that the game you always wanted to play will be released in PS5.

To sum, if you really want to play the game immediately buy second hand PS4, but if you are willing to wait for a better performance and longevity, its PS5 that will surely be the most optimal choice for you.

Will you recommend buying refurbished game consoles, why or why not?

As a gamer myself, I know how frustrating it is to be a gamer with a tight budget. Ray tracing technology, high frames per second capability, high graphics settings, anti-aliasing technology, and most of all, the confidence of running such settings without worries of overheating.

These are the things a gamer in a tight budget compromise. Nevertheless, someone cannot game having no equipment at all.

Will I recommend refurbished consoles? Probably not for a person who can still wait to play a game and has a capability to save money for several weeks or month to be able to buy a brand-new game console.

Nevertheless, for someone who really has a tight budget, but is willing to compromise the quality of his experience or probably the quality of components inside the console, a refurbished game console is a viable option.

The gaming community is definitely divided in this issue, to those who had good experience, they will surely recommend to buy refurbished game consoles.

But to those who had dismal experience, I know for sure they made a promise to themselves to just save up to avoid wasting money.

Final thoughts

To buy a refurbished gaming console or to just buy a brand-new gaming console is as dividing to gamers as to republicans and democrats in the issue of gun ownership.

We can go on and on in discussing the pros and cons of this subject. But to tell you honestly, I have some refurbished gaming equipment.

Luckily, I do not have any bad experience in buying such items. I do not have to stress this enough; it is your hard-earned money on the line.

Refurbished gaming console is a legitimate alternative option to a lot of us, but to some it is just too risky to do.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, whether we have refurbished gaming console or the best gaming console and playing the game to its highest graphical quality, it is still skill that will matter.

Do not forget that gaming is made for us to enjoy and have some distraction from the daily hustle and bustle of city or even rural life.

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