How Wireless Technology Has Changed The World


How wireless technology has changed the world is the topic that we will discuss here. The internet and technology, we know today, has transformed since the early 2000s when the world wide web is just starting. Now it has turned our existence upside down.

Before, you need to search through a dictionary to check the meaning of a word or buy a newspaper outside to know the latest news. Now, you can just look for words in a dictionary app or searching through Google.

You can now know the latest news or gossips just by doing a quick search in the internet. It goes to say that indeed technology now has made impressive and significant changes that no one has imagined 20 years ago.

Technology at its forefront

Modern technology has paved the way and gave us brand new, multi-functional devices like the smartphone, computer tablets, smaller, thinner laptops, the smartwatch and voice assistant devices. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and high- powered, and lighter than ever.

With these devices, we can do things like make purchases for everything from clothes, food delivery, groceries, transfer money instantly, pay bills wirelessly and even buy-and-sell stocks in the stock market.

Technology has changed how we entertain ourselves, socialize with one another, and conduct business. It has made both fun, helpful and major essential advancements in human security, health care and financial industry.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without technology. It introduced us to social media platforms, mobile apps, wireless money transfer and bills payment, e-reader devices, audiobooks and we can even listen to music without turning on our radio. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Continuity and advancement

There is no denying that the future of technology will continue to make major changes in our lives in more ways. Now we have artificial intelligence, 3D visualization, virtual reality among others.

In a few years, self-drive cars, flying taxis, living robots may be a common occurrence for everyone. Every phase of human life can be carried out in an easier, more effective fashion as wireless communication has created an impact to the world in many important ways.

What is wireless technology?

With the ever-growing number of standards and types of wireless technologies on the market, you might be curious on what wireless technology is. Wireless technology, in laymen’s term, refers to the kind of technology sans the traditional cable wires.

According to encyclopedia “ wireless technology provides the ability between two or more entities over distances without the use of wires or cables. This includes communications using radio frequencies and infrared waves”.[1]Wireless Technology

Simply saying, wireless technology is all wireless communications. This includes wireless networks- everyone’s favorite wi-fi, cellular networks, 4G and 5G LTE and Bluetooth.

From the early 20th century wherein Morse Code or other coded signals were used for radio communication to modern wireless technology where the manner of data to be communicated over long distances can be transmitted without physical wires or cables, wireless technology has been revolutionized and become an essential part of every facet of human life.

Another major advancement in wireless technology has been in the field of broadcasting like television, radio, cable satellite system, direct satellite system and over-the-top media service.

Subsequently, coverage of wireless networks has seen an exponential growth over the past few years. What we have before as dial-up and LAN services are now being replaced by wireless networks or wi-fi and even higher transmission of data.

How has modern life benefited from wireless technology?

When you ask someone what wireless technology is, they will probably answer you about laptops, smartphones, smartwatch, Siri, Spotify, Netflix, routers and modems. Well these are all correct. The devices and apps mentioned are examples which defines what wireless technology is today.

For most of us, wireless technology helps us to stay connected and be on the go all the time. It made the world seem smaller and helped us connect with everyone around the globe faster and easier.

Today, one cannot live without connecting to the internet using wi-fi nor one can leave the house without a smartphone. Devices like laptops, high- speed desktop computers, smartphones, smartwatch cannot function without connecting to wi-fi.

Modern cellular networks which serve the needs of every human being on earth is required when using any smartphone or any other gadget that has communication capabilities, whether wired or wireless.

The transformation of wireless communications is surreal, especially in the business and financial industry. People can surf the Internet, answer emails, participate in meetings without physically being there from almost anywhere.

We can already be informed about everything that’s going on at work that has dramatically modified the normal 9-to-6 work routine. Thus, anyone can always be “on the go” and remain connected and available, anytime and anywhere, all thanks through the use of wireless connectivity.

Discuss the importance of wireless technology in this generation

The evolution of wireless technology made everything easy and fun. With just a simple search in Google, or a message sent over Facebook Messenger, a more dynamic and mobile-based lifestyle is seen in today’s generation. We are no longer bound by slow, dial-up connection using cables or thick wires.

Wireless technology now allows voice and video messaging and Internet access for some parts of the globe unserved by wired networks. Moreover, the evolution of wireless technology changed the way we communicate and do business.

We can now attend meetings virtually with the use of Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams. No need to worry over high maintenance cost of landlines as we can now connect to our loved ones using Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp or WeChat. We can now send photos, live stream videos and immediately react to our friends’ post with just a simple click.

Also, with this global health issues, wherein we cannot go out to mingle with friends and relatives, thanks to wireless technology, all sorts of entertainment is just one click away.

No need to go to the cinema to watch your favorite movies or subscribe to cable channels to watch your favorite tv shows, now there are several over-the-top media services which offers a variety of movies and shows ranging from suspense, thriller, comedy, romance, etc.

With how revolutionized wireless technology is now, today’s generation will not simply run out of things to do and explore.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless technology?

It is important to know that balance must exists in everything. Wireless technology still has their own set of pros and cons. On the bright side, I cannot imagine using gadgets that is not designed with wireless technology nor can be used without wireless networks.

However, too much wireless technology warrants irresponsible data gathering and information that is susceptible to sensitive information being leaked or it makes people more dependent on their gadgets hence they tend to become extremely lazy and disconnected with reality.

Wireless technology indeed help materialized some major breakthroughs in different aspects of human life such as communication, travel, learning, business, convenience, and health care.

Communicating with your loved ones anywhere in the world is now easy thanks to messaging apps. Medical care can be provided even in remote areas of the world thanks to effective distribution of medical information and treatments through the internet and video consultation.

Wireless communication also had a dramatic impact on how companies conduct business especially in getting their business known with customers around the world. It also helped them capture real time data which provides so many benefits.

It has also opened new avenues of entertainment with a variety of media applications that are now available in the Appstore or Google PlayStore.

However, wireless technology also has its own share of disadvantages particularly on human behavior. With the ease of use, and the convenience that technology provides, people are now increasingly dependent on technology on a daily basis.

They have become lazy and unable to survive or function without the technology they have been accustomed to.

Is wireless better than wired?

Yes. Wired technology seems like ages ago that I cannot even remember the last time I encounter something that uses thick cables or wires. With wireless technology, data transmission has improved by leaps and bounds in many sectors than using wired technology.

But first, it is important to know what wired technology. Wired technology refers to communication or transmission of data using fiber optics and cables, as mentioned. Wired networks needs cables to connect devices, like desktop computers, to the internet to access or transmit data.

Wired technology does not offer the same convenience, portability, efficiency and mobility that wireless technology offers. Using wired technology restricts people in their work areas, takes up space, more prone to damage and worst of all it cannot be use without power.

Just the disadvantages mentioned above already outweighs why wireless technology is better than wired technology. Wireless technology is relatively inexpensive, installation is faster and easier and flexible.

Hence, access can be done using any type of wireless enabled device. No cables, wires, ethernet cables and connectivity can be achieved without the limitations imposed using physical cables.

The advantages that wired technology offers can be felt and seen with wireless technology such as maximum security and performance with mobility and the latest technologies.

Final Thoughts

On a more serious note, technology has had a tremendous, almost unimaginable impact on human life since internet was discovered. While it is impossible to gauge its impact in our lives, technology clearly has done a lot to make things easier, enjoyable, and more convenient.

However, too much technology, when misused or produced irresponsibly, has the potential to produce devastating effects and drawbacks. As how fast technology grows every day, it is important to operate in a more thorough and responsible manner, and to create a balance with the usage of technology for getting things done in a more healthy and productive way.

Wireless communications are important in today’s world that it has enabled billions of people to be connected using the internet so that they can reap benefits from our digital evolution.

Every sector of the economy – from banking and agriculture to transportation and healthcare now relies upon wireless technologies for more faster, inexpensive and efficient way to transact business.

Plus, powerful new technologies- such as 5G networks, artificial intelligence and cloud transmission of data, that requires heavy and robust wireless communications networks.

Still the most important aspect of all is finding the right balance between serving the needs of the consumers against the potential dangers of the aggressive growth of technology.


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