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Every year, new gaming mice are introduced to the market. Every model is unique, but one thing stays consistent: they all resemble typical office mouse with a few modest tweaks to improve gamer comfort. What if there is a gaming mouse that can improve your hit ratio, will support your hand and wrist in a neutral position, and may let you raise it off the table? Is ergonomic mouse good for gaming?

What is ergonomic mouse?

The etymology of Ergonomics comes from the Greek word Ergon which means “work” and the “nomics,” which comes from the English word “economics”.

Most people are familiar with ergonomics and assume it has to do with the design of automotive controls and equipment, as well as seats. Yes, that is correct, but not just in that regard.

Ergonomics is a term that encompasses a wide range of topics. Ergonomics also refers to the layout or design of anything that has an impact on humans. People at work, sports and leisure activities, health, wellness, and safety are all factors to consider.

The brainchild and architect of Ergonomic mouse is Jack Lo who himself have a goal to end his discomfort when using the conventional / traditional mouse.

Ergonomic mouse for gaming vs regular mouse

Instead of using a standard mouse, occupational health professionals advocate utilizing an ergonomic mouse for gaming. An ergonomic mouse is one that is meant to assist body posture, particularly the arm.

The ergonomic mouse has the disadvantage of being more costly than a normal mouse. Aesthetically, an ergonomic mouse appears futuristic, yet there are mice that appear to be larger than a standard mouse, which is less appealing to the eye.

When it comes to portability, the ergonomic mouse beats the ordinary mouse. A regular mouse is usually corded, however an ergonomic mouse is wireless. Regular mouse wires are prone to become tangled, and tangled wires are never appealing to the eye when things are disorganized.

Who should use ergonomic mouse?

Ergonomic mouse is a game-changer. It teaches us that there are many different levels of experience. Who should use a mouse that is ergonomic? Perhaps everyone who is serious about their health will take care of their posture.

Nevertheless, ergonomic mouse is often pricey compared to the regular or conventional or standard mouse we have. When we purchase a computer set, a regular or standard mouse is included in the package.

For a very practical reason, we frequently overlook the need to purchase a new item, such as an ergonomic mouse, which costs three times as much as the value of a typical, ordinary, or standard mouse.

In the long term, however, an ergonomic mouse provides more and better advantages because it promises to restore arm posture. Given how quickly the world is changing, perhaps a less expensive yet non-intimidating mouse will be invented.

It will sooner or later replace the ordinary, standard, or traditional mouse, which is possible. For instance, diskettes have been replaced by flash drives, and optical disks are now obsolete in today’s ultra-slim computers.

Is Ergonomic Mouse Good for Gaming?

Ergonomic mouse is good not only for gaming but for everyone. The creation of ergonomic mouse is probably coming into great timing. One of the best ways to cope with our boredom, or to hurdle our studies and work, is to brace ourselves in front of the computer.

For gamers and streamers, they tend to stay on the longer hours in front of their laptops or computers. Yet, for budgetary considerations, computer games often use regular or traditional or conventional mouse which as a consequence would force the arm to twist.

Other than employees in the offices or at home, gamers and streamers stay almost twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in front of the computers. In industrial set up of work, architects and engineers, programmers, to call center agents, CAD Operators, and the like works with or in front of computer.

These key players are prone to health issues brought about by long hours of staying at one position in front of the computer. When using the computer, it is inevitable to use the mouse. Ergonomic gaming mouse is created to be able for the gamers to play and stream in comfort.

A lot of gamers prefer the latter for their comfortable grip, which is believed to help them have an edge over their competition. People are switching to ergonomic mice these days. Ergonomic mice help reduce strain on the hands, wrists and forearm while using the mouse.

Gaming with the use of ergonomic mouse

Lower back pain, believe it or not, is the most frequent work-related ailment worldwide, according to a new research. The ergonomic mouse, often known as the vertical mouse, has made its debut in the design world. It was born out of a need to avoid the twisting of the arm required by a regular mouse. The vertical design makes the hand rest in a fully upright handshake position.

Our forearms are less tense when we use an ergonomic mouse. Ergonomic mice, unlike ordinary ones, do not require the forearm to twist. Ergonomic mice come in a variety of styles. One of which is the ergonomic gaming mouse. The latter has been developed to provide a completely new level of enjoyment.

Even while these gaming ergonomic mice may bring new experiences to the table, some gamers may find them strange, and something unfamiliar, such as a different technique to utilize an ergonomic mouse, may cause confusion. As a result, individuals will disregard the ergonomic one in favor of the classic or ordinary mouse, which they will continue to use.

The basic goal of an ergonomic mouse is to enhance body posture and prevent twisting of the arm. Traditional or conventional mouse may cause our hands to twist, causing muscular strain and, in the worst-case scenario, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Problem with gaming and ergonomics

Gamers often spend between eight (8) to twenty-four (24) hours a day on their computers. Staying for an extended amount of time might result to poor posture, which can contribute to back discomfort. Gaming posture, which is usually sitting, is potentially harmful to one’s health.

Have you ever observed a gamer who appears drowsy and fatigued after spending hours in front of the computer? Yes, it’s possible that it’s the eyes. Because of the radiation, longer periods of time spent in front of the computer have an effect on our eyesight and even our skin.

These issues, on the other hand, may be avoided. Anti-radiation eyewear can be used to improve vision. The computer’s brightness may be altered, and you must be at least fifty centimeters away from it to do so.

However, there is one negative side effect of gaming. This is due to a lack of physical activity or movement in our bodies. Gaming posture frequently imbibes a sedentary condition, commonly in a sitting position.

Other occupational health practitioners are concerned about the impact of gaming on one’s health because of improper position, or gaming posture, as they call it.

The issue with gaming posture is that it is harmful to our health. Ergonomic chairs were designed to help people with muscular discomfort and enhance their posture. Ergonomic mice were developed to accomplish the same goal.

Gamers would prefer these ergonomic mice if they were properly presented, given that they spend more time sitting and facing the computer. In the computer, the mouse is frequently used as a pointer or as our hand.

What is the best ergonomic mouse for gaming?

As of this writing, the best pick is Razer DeathAdder V2. I have mentioned previously that the advantage of ergonomic mouse is wireless, but this Razer DeathAdder V2 is the best wire gaming mouse.

For gamers, its neon luminated with green and high- performance in gaming. For wireless mouse category, the best ergonomic mouse is the Logitech G703. Another is Logitech M Wireless Triathlon is a well-built Bluetooth mouse. It can connect to three devices which could bring a whole new lot of experience.

What are the benefits of using an ergonomic mouse?

Ergonomic mouse is a gift to those who work with computers for a long time, and it may provide users with a whole new level of enjoyment. One of the advantages of utilizing an ergonomic mouse is that it helps you work more efficiently.

Working at a computer all day causes your hands to become fatigued towards the end of it. Giving your wrists a rest and using an ergonomic mouse will help you get rid of the numbness and soreness. Another advantage of using an ergonomic mouse is that it enhances your health.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may be caused by overuse of the computer mouse. Such excessive usage causes damage to the ligaments in our wrists that go all the way into the carpal tunnel. This is a region in the wrist’s center where the ligaments may guide the fingers.

When the wrists are at the wrong angle, ligaments get inflamed, swollen, tight, and start to stiff. The ergonomic mouse keeps the wrists healthy, which could prevent that syndrome.

Another advantage of using an ergonomic mouse is that it improves posture. Our bodies are interconnected systems. Issues in the wrists spread to the shoulders and then to the back, which plays a role in spinal health.

Finally, ergonomic mouse tends to last more than the traditional mouse since they are created and build to stay longer by adjusting to the hands.

Is normal mouse good for gaming?

As technology advances, computer gaming provides the gamer with a larger selection of mouse possibilities. You could have assumed that any mouse will suffice when playing games on your computer.

However, the typical computer mouse that everyone uses on their computer isn’t actually designed for gaming or enjoyment. It does not have many characteristics in the market, such as RGB colors, outstanding accuracy, spectacular speed, rapid dpi, cordless, and so on.

If you want to enjoy and have more pleasure when playing, it’s time to acquire a gaming mouse. It will improve your gaming performance and enable you to win the most popular competitions.

Should I use an ergonomic mouse?

It depends. If you’re experiencing wrist or forearm pain as a result of using a mouse, an ergonomic mouse may be able to assist. However, not all ergonomic mice are created equal, and some may not be suitable for all types of arm discomfort associated with mouse use. Some are better than others in relieving pain, and you must choose the one that works best for you.

When using a computer mouse, you may experience discomfort or soreness in your wrist, forearm, or elbow. An arm rest, for example, may be more beneficial to some users than an ergonomic mouse.

If you’ve had these problems for a while and they’re not getting better with an armrest, you might want to check out a few other types of ergonomic mouse before making a purchase.

The best ergonomic mouse are made to fit your hand ideally, reducing tension and strain in your wrists and arms. If you already have a wrist condition, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis, an ergonomic mouse should be preferable.


At the first glance, ergonomic mouse doesn’t look good. It is not aesthetically pleasing. It is bigger than the regular or ordinary mouse. Nonetheless, the ergonomic mouse is the best creation made to the developing and fast- changing world.

Ergonomic mouse is designed to fit the human body which allows the hands, arms, and wrists to maintain in its natural position without twisting. By using the ergonomic mouse, gamers and streamers will be able to stay longer without risking their health.

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