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When you decide to go on a fishing trip, you will want to bring your trusty fishing rod with you. To do that, however, you will have to find out whether or not fishing rods are allowed in airplanes (whether as checked or carry-on luggage). Thus, is fishing rod allowed in airplanes?

Passengers planning to bring fishing poles on an airplane must store the poles when traveling. Broken rods could constitute an item that could spoil other luggage or wound other passengers, so a safe storage position is required.


Is fishing rod allowed on airplanes?

Fishing rods are allowed in carry-on and checked bags, however, passengers shall verify with the airline to confirm that whether fishing rod falls within the size limitations for carry-on items.

Most airlines let you take your Fishing Rods on board. Generally, you can travel with Fishing Rods either as hand-luggage (non-checked), Checked Baggage but with conditions such as dimensions and weight limits depending on the type of plane and airline.


When you are about to bring a fishing rod as a carry-on item, the weight restrictions and carry-on baggage size shall apply. If the item surpasses the airport’s restrictions, the passenger may need to take a look at the rod with his checked baggage, which encompasses a different size and weight limits. To cross such given limits typically results in an overweight baggage fee and that may hurt your pockets.

Fishing rods are generally allowed on planes, but the maximum length can vary depending on a number of factors. The size of the rod, the airline, and even your destination can all have an effect.


On the other hand, since the of fly rods may not be allowed in aircraft baggage compartments, you should disassemble them and put them into a hard-sided, durable container. On your fishing gear should be attached a label that identifies it as fragile. All luggage must have the address where you are staying during your trip.

Consequently, it is possible to travel with fishing rods on a plane. You can take fishing rods if they fit inside checked luggage or in your carry-on luggage. If you are taking a fishing rod with you on an airplane, you need to make sure that it fits in your checked luggage and is appropriately packaged to avoid incurring any fees.

How to travel with fishing rods on a plane?

If you want to travel and want to take a fishing rod with you for your fishing activities and travels, and you have no idea how to pack the rod and how much it will cost you to take it with you on the plane, do not worry because there are easy steps that may help you. To bring fishing rod on a plane, It is best to wrap such rods with enough bubble wrap and put them inside a good quality PVC tube.

Do not forget to make sure that such rod has sufficient wrap so that the rods won’t wiggle inside the PCV tube at the instance of rough movements while plane is travelling. If you want to buy a hard shell rod case, then would be better.

You can bring the fishing rods as a carry-on baggage so long as it fits the airline’s measurement limitations. But if your fishing rods are not collapsible, then it’s very possible that you will need to bring them as checked luggage.

Traveling with fishing rods is permissible. Nonetheless, you need to follow certain guidelines during the air travel. During security clearance, the airport authority checks your fishing rods. You must carry a tag of identification while traveling with carry on luggage.

If you are in a domestic flight, then you can keep the fishing rod inside the overhead bin of your flight. If you are packing more than one rod, then place these on different rods and wrap them in pieces of clothe or paper.

Can you take a fishing rod on a plane as hand luggage?

This depends on the airline but most airlines allow you to take fishing rods on planes in some manner. Some airlines will let you have fly fishing luggage as part of your carry-on baggage allowance whereas others don’t.

You can take Fishing rod and fishing equipment with you only by checking in at the most airlines as special baggage with a fee. With some airlines, special baggage is free of charge within the free baggage allowance but for most, it is with costs.

A fishing rod may not be allowed to be carried in hand luggage, especially if it is not collapsible. However, there are certain fishing equipment that may be carried in hand luggage under certain and rare circumstances.

Certain types of fishing equipment are permitted in your checked baggage or as a carry-on. Some airlines may consider any fishing equipment to be an oversized item.

Most of the time, transport in checked baggage is always preferable because fishing rods appear to be dangerous objects during security checks and may harm other passengers. Some of the staff at security check consider the fishing rod as a dangerous item that may be used as a weapon to harm other individual.

Traveling with a fishing rod can be quite a hassle. As such, you may be wondering whether or not you can take a fishing rod on a plane as hand luggage. So, how do you pack a fishing rod? Do you need any special fly fishing luggage when going on an airplane?


How do you pack a fishing rod on a plane?

First, you have to make sure that you check with your carrier to verify that they will permit you to take your rod tube. If they are hesitant, explain thoroughly how important this piece of equipment to your travel.

Essentially, it is the decision of the carrier as to whether or not rods can be permitted to be included in your carry-on baggage. Reels are never an issue to secure in your carry-on, but in keeping them safe may be a struggle. It is best to put them in a good quality reel case and pack them with enough bubble wrap to avoid it being destroyed while on the trip.

In instances where they are allowed in airplanes, you can bring fishing rods as carry-on luggage. However, you may experience a hard time in packing your fishing rods as checked luggage because they are likely to get damaged. If you want to attach a heavy reel to your rod, you may have to pay for extra baggage.

Do you need a fly fishing luggage on an airplane?

Not really. The authority doesn’t have any restrictions against carrying fishing rods or fly fishing rods on a plane as long as you follow the weight limitations. There is also no major airline with rules against specifically carrying fishing rods on a carrier such as a plane.

The biggest struggle you are going to experience is carry on size limitations. Carry on size restrictions can depend on the airlines, so you have to make sure that you check with the airline company you have reserved your ticket with for the information of their carry on size limitations.

Are there fishing gear items that are not allowed on a plane

Yes. The following fishing gear items that should not be allowed on a plane especially in hand luggage cases are Knives, manslaughters, scissors and lures. These items are most likely to be confiscated from you at the security check because they are all considered harmful and may be used as weapons that may cause danger to someone, therefore, they are prohibited in hand luggage.

How do you protect your fishing rod on an airplane?

To protect your fishing rod, get a good quality PVC tube that will serve as the rod tube. Cover the fishing rod in bubble wrap and put it inside the PVC tube. Make sure that both ends of the tube are closed with sturdy caps and must be taped securely using scotch tape.

You may also buy a commercial rod case online but this technique must come in handy if you plan the trip. In both cases, make sure that the tube is tight enough for the rod so it will not make any sound. This will guarantee that your rods are guarded and safe even if the luggage isn’t handled with case which is extremely happens most of the time.

Do you need fishing pole storage bag on an airplane?

Not really. They can slot in a backpack with ease then it shouldn’t be an issue traveling with them. If you aren’t comfortable with the reels inside your carry-on bag, you’ll put them between your clothing inside your check-in bag.

If your fishing reel is extremely expensive and you do not want to risk having it in pieces even before you start fishing, you have to invest some money on a box to stay it safe but this might mean that you should sacrifice extra space for the reel. In essence, it’s very okay to require your fishing reel on a plane.


Traveling on an airplane with fishing equipment is certainly a hassle, but it is worthwhile especially if you’re into fishing. Sometimes you don’t have a choice if you wish to wet a line at your destination.

To this end, it’s always important to have an honest understanding of what paraphernalia you’ll bring on a plane before setting foot within the airport. And whatever you are doing, it’s only appropriate that you simply don’t go against the boundaries because the law will always come on top.

Most of the measures created by the authorities and also the airline carriers are to make sure that every passengers are safe, so just comply and you won’t get booted from your flight.

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