Is Technology A Boon Or Bane?

According to Britannica Lexicon, “Technology” is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.

Boon is described as a thing that is beneficial or helpful. On the other hand, bane can cause of great distress or annoyance. Therefore, “Boon” or “Bane” is something that is either good or bad.

Part of our Lives

Technology has been part of our daily lives. With the given statement, we can say that good or bad things, moments, or events have played something or part thereof in our existence.

Equilibrium may Complement

Perhaps, a combination of good or bad is not detrimental at all. An equilibrium, that is a balance mixed of good and of bad, somehow makes a thing or situation complementary.

A yin and a yang, by analogy, can be that paradigm. However, in the field of technology, can these both exist? It may be in the affirmative. Technology occasioned a great role in the life on, and evolution of, earth.

Continuous Development

Technology is very broad and complex that it has co-existed in our progress and development as a generation. Throughout times, it has been the product of continuous innovations, inventions, and discoveries.

Technology is, likewise, extant in agriculture enhancement, marine, transportation, computers, engineering, industry, manufacturing, inventions, web and communications, education, medicine and health, and leisure and lifestyle.

Technology cannot be separated from human existence. It will only depend on its continuous development and improvements. The following discussion will dissect technology whether the same is a boon or bane.

What are the benefits of technology?

Since the early life on Earth, primitive people used tools for hunting, clothing, and as means of livelihood.

It may be wise to point out that the use of technology has been evolving and developing over time and over the ages, as the curiosity of the mind with a goal to make lives better.

Technology has the unlimited benefits to offer and provide for the humanity. The life of a man on earth has already been intertwined with technology.


Technology has made our life easier. For instance, the washing machine makes washing clothes seamless. High technology washing machine can wash and dry clothes without having his or her hand bleed.

Just put the filthy clothes inside it and set it on the desire setting, and one can enjoy leave the clothes there without worrying to get his/her hand hurt because of manual brushing and exposure to harmful bleach.


Another technology’s benefit is convenience. Technology is converting our environment for us to have a better life.

The invention refrigerator can store food and beverages. It does make the stored foods it last their shell life. Likewise, refrigerator cools our beverages to our satisfaction.

You do not want to drink Coke or beer on room temperature, do you? The application of technology in the invention of air-conditioner, rice cooker, ice cream maker is the product of the intention and objective of the mind to make our life more convenient.

Vehicle Evolution

When cars were invented, that is to say, the machinery that can be ridden and can take us from one place to another, they were, then, only powered by gas engine.

Most of the cars today are powered by an engine fueled by gasoline and now diesel.

Later, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fueled subsequent cars. For the proponents of it, they think that the use of LPG can lessen carbon dioxide emission.

Years go by and taking us to where we are right now in terms of moment in our generation, cars are not only generated by diesel, gasoline, or LPG alone, but it can run through electric energy.

Tesla | Elon Musk

Acclaimed electric cars are manufactured by Tesla. Tesla also manufactures self- driving cars. The Autopilot ones. Tesla is owned by Elon Musk.

Speaking of the Elon Musk, he is not only famous in manufacturing revolutionized cars. He, likewise, has an aerospace manufacturing company called SpaceX.

This is the brainchild of space exploration outside government-owned space administration. Recently, SpaceX had successfully sent the space shuttle outside the earth.

The launch has the goal of reducing space transportation cost. Later on, it turned out to be an emerging and competitive corporation to explore Mars and the outer space.

Blue Origin | Jeff Bezos

Then there is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, which also has a space manufacturing company, called Blue Origin. It recently launched something in outer space.

Other Rich People | Space Voyage

Another one is the CEO of Virgin Airlines who recently flew beyond earth. For others, those explorations might be a competition among rich people on how they are spending their money.

But little did we know that an exploration outside the space has been beneficial to mankind. It benefits the inhabitants of this world directly and indirectly.

Global Positioning System [GPS]

For example, the presence of space satellites is the reason why we have Global Positioning System (GPS), and this is how incredible and remarkable technology works.

Imagine, without the GPS, we cannot go to places or we might be having a hard time going to certain destinations, even unchartered locations. Deliveries cannot go to its point of delivery without the use of GPS.

During olden times, the sun and the wind were used for navigation in land, while on the sea what the sea voyagers utilized as “telling direction” device were the constellations in the stars.

Owing to mankind’s continuous and un-relentless quest for knowledge, innovations, and inventions, technology ramified and new advancement in it has made our lives easier and more convenient.

Beyond Geographical Boundaries | Interconnectivity

The global health disaster has changed our lives in the past year and until now. One of the greatest benefits of technology, in this particular period of history, is keeping us, humans, to be closer to one another regardless of physical or geographical distance.

The worldwide health catastrophe has forced us to stay at home, and, we can surely say that technology has impacted our daily living.

Technology helps us to connect and keep on moving with our existence. The internet played a greater role in amalgamating the otherwise connectivity barriers beyond limitations.

Years ago, internet connectivity was complicated to comprehend. Yet, as time goes by, we have learned eventually, especially now since we are mostly at home.

Corollarily on the need to adapt and to the needs to imbibe digital technology, face-to-face classes were suspended, and online classes took, and has taken, over.

Work from home is possible because of internet and computers, thanks to technology.

Keeping Mankind Sane

Mental health issues cropped up. It has been challenging because of pandemic, Nevertheless, owing advancement on technology, entertainment is in our fingertips – just a few clicks away to watch funny videos, Netflix, or one can play relaxing music in YouTube to relax.

Thanks to technology, consultations are can now be done online. Staying at home cannot be as boring before.

The craving to order food and penchant to shop can instantly be done in few clicks on our phone or computer. Alas! It will be delivered right at your doorstep.

How is technology good for us?

Technology is good for us. Technology has been a parcel in our day to day battle. Simply put, when you wake up in the morning, you know that it is almost 6 in the morning because of the clock. The clock is the product of technology.

Clocks can be in the form of analog, digital, automatic, or even in phone.

As soon as you wake up, when you ready yourself to get going, the presence of electricity and the way devices, tools, appliances, and equipment work in the house, such as but not limited to computers, television, microwave oven, remote control, voice activation device and so on, are there for our use and convenience.

Technology keeps on evolving. With the pandemic, technology has been good for us. It helps us keep closer to one another even how far we are.

Even transactions overseas can be done with the use of technology. When utilized correctly and as long as one knows how to handle it, technology is a great savior.

Technology is there, and it will stay. It will continue to improve. It may stumble (if we use it wrongly), but surely it will make our lives better. Thus, this is how technology becomes a boon to us.

Can technology improve our life?

Technology can improve our lives. In this era, it is a deal breaker. Take for example the instruments we use for communication, like the cellular phone.

The classic cell phones way back in 90s were only used to call, then, to text. Right now, it is a whole lot different. We can use our cellphone, technically, for almost everything.

It can even be used for entertainment. Placing order for food and commodities is just on click away. It can be done online.

Payment can be be processed online too. We can utilize our computer or laptop or tablet and cellphone for those transactions.

In agriculture, technology helps improve our life. The evolution of farm machinery, terrace cultivation, and production of crops are quite a bit of examples.

In manufacturing and industry, the processes of producing quality goods and to deliver it to various consumers are the products of technology.

Robotics in the field of industry, medicine, and leisure are consequences of technology.

The innovation of the machinery as such robotics are intended to create multiple items repeatedly in a fast and efficient manner, whom human beings cannot manually.

In the field of medicine, technology played a great role. The use of Xray, CT scan, to name a few, are the results of technology. Deadly cancer cells can be detected and can be cured because of new advancement in the area.

Corona Virus affected our lives drastically and in gargantuan manner. Yet, owing to technological developments, vaccines have been produced in a short period of time to combat the said virus.

To develop such a vaccine in a brief period of time is valiant to do. The development of COVID 19 vaccine is proof that technology is working to our advantage.

Is technology good for the future?

Technology is good for the future. Nevertheless, it should be used cautiously and in good way. What we are enjoying right now is the result of history.

Imagine if our ancestors did not use and develop technology, our present lives and conditions (which was their future) will not have been convenient and comfortable today.

Our ancestors trusted and believed in technology and its results. When manual counting machine (aka Abacus) was invented, they applied technology, it evolved to calculators.

Applying science and engineering to a machine which aims to make writing and producing documents and letters more efficient and effortless were the objectives then, hence, the birth of typewriters.

Inventions were done in the past are now being enjoyed by today’s generation. And for the “past”, what we have “today” is their “future”.

To illustrate, the creation of computers is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Steve Jobs who use technology in a different level saw this opportunity.

Because of Steve’s imagination, dream, and futuristic knack, Macintosh (MAC) and iconic Apple brand came to being.

Also, Bill Gates, who was curious about technology, managed to develop Microsoft. We all know now that it is the most used Operating system in the computers.

Every year, the Apple brand releases an upgraded class of iPhone, iMac, and iPad. This goes the same with Android Brands.

Mobile phones in 90s had different features, unlike the cellphones of today. The world evolves so as the technology.

The follow-up question that may be asked is “why?”.

Why do you think as the world evolves, technology evolves? – Human Nature. Human instinct. In addition, survival cravings.

The writer, honestly, believe in the paradigm that man is naturally good. And all that he or she creates are good.

It is human instinct that man has the concept that his or her present life can still be improve. So, he or she is inclined to make use of technology on how to improve his or her life.

They had done great things and contributions in the past, and still evolving in the present for the better future.

So, is technology good for the future? You bet!

What are the disadvantages of technology?

On the other side of the spectrum, technology can also be a disadvantage or a detrimental invention. If it is used wrongly, mankind’s destruction may be forthcoming.

In the past modern war, technology was used. New arms and ammunitions were showcased. Great destruction of properties and loss of lives resulted. This is the dark side of technology.

When utilized by person for personal advantage or gain, technology is a bane.

For example, Albert Einstein did intent to invent the EMC2 theory of relativity, but it was use as a way of creating an Atomic Bomb. Atomic Bombs are the one used in the historic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan in 1945 which killed hundred and even thousands of lives.

Another one, the inventor of dynamite, he even won a noble peace prize because of that invention. His intention was to create a technology and use it for a better mining exploration, as when big boulders and forms of rocks will be on the way, miner will use dynamite to destroy it.

However, terrorist used dynamite to kill people. Irresponsible fishermen threw dynamite to catch fish but destroys corals.

Another example is firearm. Firearms were invented for hunting and may be for self-defense. Yet, we now know their destructive effects when improperly handled or when resorted to for evil objectives.

In the above illustrations, technology is a gift to humanity. However, it can also be a source of destruction when put to improper use or the creation thereof is for sinister objectives.

Final Thoughts

Technology has been beneficial to us. It is good for humanity and can improve our lives. Technology is not only good in the past, today, but also in the future.

Human nature dictates that improving life is part of it. We keep on evolving and improving. The Earth may change. It may become long-standing, and threat of lives may become apparent.

History says that different kind of pandemic occurs every fifty-six years (closest on was three years ago H1N1 Virus). Nevertheless, thanks to technology, life on earth still continues.

For innovators and billionaires, who believe a life beyond Earth, exploration of such is possible.

Like ying and yang, Technology has disadvantage too. Since it is a product of a man, he has the accountability to use it responsibility.

Technology can bring about harm to humanity if resorted to for destructive goals. It shall be used as an instrument of life and not for the annihilations thereof.

Similarly, it should not be a tool of illegal, immoral, or unlawful activity. It must be borne in mind that technology can improve lives.

So, is technology Boon or bane? It lies in your hand, whether you will let technology control you or you will take it over.

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