Is Technology Making Us Less Human?


Technology has its good and bad impacts in our lives. In this fast-paced changing world, people are increasingly becoming more dependent on technology.

It has the ability to lessen stress, complications, and the same provides solutions to our problems in the society we live in.

Technology changes our lives because it makes our battle for existence easier. It has become an important tool of communication with other people.

It also provides us depth of information that can help us in our education. Technology has given humanity the reprieve of life’s complicated voyage.


The technology has made a well-pronounced improvement in the way, manner, and means to communicate and relay information with other people.

Nowadays, there are a lot of mobile gadgets, computer, and other social media applications that helps us communicate with anyone around the world.

The protocol of social distancing brought about by this pandemic is not a hindrance in bridging correspondence gaps with our loved ones. Maybe we are not physically connected but technology binds our relationships with others.


Our education also has improved because of the advent of technology, especially Information Technology (IT). We can find anything in the internet. Ask anything and Google has the answer you need.

Especially during in times of crisis, adopting to the new normal type of classes wherein students rely on online platform in conducting or attending classes has revolutionized learning. Technology always has your back.


Disadvantages of using technology are inevitable. When not used properly or wisely, It may create new problems rather than solving the same.

Technology has changed our day to day life in all aspects and we have nothing to do but to adopt and expect something more amazing things it can do.

Yet, it is still humanity’s responsibility to utilize technology in such a way that it will help mankind rather destroy the same.

Is technology making us lazy?

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to avoid mobile devices, laptops and social media. This world predicament we are experiencing requires us to physically distance ourselves from each other.

Nevertheless, technology allows us to be connected digitally. Even then, it makes us more effective in doing our job and accomplishing tasks.

On the other hand, people do not recognize its negative effects. Another factor that has a great impact in dealing with technology is on how much time we spent on using the same.

When we start surfing the internet or using our mobile devices, we tend to forget the other important things that we need to do.

While you are entertained on browsing the net or playing on your mobile device, you do not notice how much time you have consume.

For some students, especially those who devote their time playing rather than researching for their studies, it became a sort of destruction. They spent most of their time using these devices that deviates their attention from the things that they need to do.

Even though we have adopted technology in our daily life, we must not depend too much on it. There are still other ways of accomplishing things more enjoying and relaxing when we do it manually.

Technology, we believe, has its own class as tool to help people. This is like money. When put to good use, it helps. Yet, when abused, it may become the root of an evil doing.

Is technology making us more alienated less sociable?

It is important to keep our connections active especially in this moment of global turbulence, where we are not allowed to go outside and must take health protocols and advisories seriously.

Because of the social distancing rule which this worldwide health problem occasioned, many people have turned to technology. While physically restricted, it makes the socialization still possible.

Presently, people have more time facing their mobile devices than spending time physically with the usual people they had gotten to interact with during normal times.

These communication, gaming, and application devices can make you feel more connected, Yet, it can also distract you and your family from connecting with one another.

Technology may lessen the physical interaction with one another, where every member of the family, or even the usually physically close friends, can show their affections and build quality time and strong relationships with each other.

Technology can make connections. Despite that, it can also be a tool to destroy relationships. It can really make us more alienated.

On another aspect, people have more time playing online games, watching random videos, and surfing though the social media. It makes us invest our time to those apparently insignificant matters.

The use of technology somehow distracts in focusing ourselves on more important things that really matters.

Technology has really improved our lives. In spite of that, just like any good stuffs, it must be used responsibly and in moderation. We are now more addicted to these technologies that we don’t notice that it badly affects our relationship with others.

Does technology make us more alone or more connected?

We live in today in a world dominated by the technology. Millions of people worldwide are using tools and devices occasioned by this development to ease their work and accomplish their tasks.

Technology does not make us less human. It became everyone’s partner in their everyday living. Different aspects of our lives have improved because of this.

While it broadens the minds of the youth today, using too much technology can lead us to inappropriate content and major distraction.

Technology makes us more connected. As mentioned, it became an effective tool of communication. By just one click, you can integrate with anyone in the world.

It seems that texting or chatting through social media have become the most common form of communication for the new generation.

Social media and the internet has been a great platform in connecting people. Because of them, it may be quite easy to find someone to talk to.

The current global disaster may have weaken people’s mental health. That is why it is important to have someone to approach to.

Someone who will listen to what you are going through. It widens our capability to mingle digitally with other individuals though the use of social media.

Is technology making us dumber or smarter?

Technology has transformed us in many ways. However, despite this remarkable transformation, there are still potential harmful effects of technology.

Just like any tool or equipment, technology requires guidance and control. Parents do not let their kids roam the streets by themselves but they let them search the internet freely.

Anything a child can see on the internet may influence him. It can impact the developing stage of children and in building their character and personality.

Technology may affect the mental state of a person. In these times, where people get more and more dependent on the new trends of technology, some may develop addiction thereto.

This leads us to a generation of people with a new form of mental illness. A malady that is similar to addiction but more insidious than that. It manipulates the brain development of a child.

Technology does offer solutions to some of our problems. Nevertheless, restrictions or limitations must be placed in order to avoid its pernicious effects.

Final Thoughts

We can, however, say that technology is indispensable already in mankind’s existence. To achieve its full potential and enjoy is benefits, advancement must be dedicated to the things or issues that really matter.

Industries must pay attention to the field of medicine and pharmacy and other important sectors and not on the things that people do not really need.

Based on research and studies, people spent 145 minutes of their time on social media or internet. Nevertheless, technology has really changed our lives. No one can deny the benefits that technology, when put to good use, provides in our daily lives.

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