Is Camera Drone Any Good | Try Altair Aerial AA108
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altair aa108 camera drone
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  1. Is Camera Drone Any Good | Try Altair Aerial AA108
  2. try altair aa108 camera drone
  3. altair aa108 camera drone
  4. camera drone altair aa108
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Altair Aerial AA108 Review | Affordable Camera Drone

  • Price
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Functionality
4.6/5Overall Score
  • Brand: Altair Aerial
  • Control Type: Remote Control
  • Material: Polypropylene (PP)
  • Video Capture Resolution: HD 720p
  • Media Type: SD, Micro SDHC
  • Affordable Price
  • Sturdy
  • Has Spare Components
  • Wide Angled Camera
  • Straightforward Controls
  • Static Camera though good resolution
  • Limited FPV (First-Person-View)
  • Uncommon Battery 8 -10 minutes life
  • Landing Difficulty
  • SD Card not included

The Aerial AA108 could be a drone aimed toward the beginner’s marketplace and for those who are on a tight budget.

However, you get the value for your money. While this drone may not have other high-end chips incorporated, yet, there are good-valued technologies packed into this recreational item to create the best starter package, such as good build quality, an intrinsic camera, and lots of flight options.

Camera is one of the best technologies that mankind has discovered and invented. Drones mostly have cameras. They are built having that technology and purpose in mind.

Altair Aerial AA108 sports a good deal of built-in camera in its arsenal. Its camera can shoot amazing photos and videos in birds eye view right from your phone. This is one of the best features of this drone.

What It Will Do

Altair Aerial AA 108 is the excellent all-skill levels drone for everything from photography to recreational flying. We can discuss all the options of a high-end drone at totally different talent levels. Hence, whether or not you are a first-timer or a flight master, we have this one aerial flyer for you.


The full package contains everything you wish to induce your interest in flying a drone.

The package, among others, includes:

  • controller
  • propellers and extras
  • two 3.7v LiPo batteries
  • a couple of tools
  • memory card reader
  • direction book
  • a USB connector

The drone has a flight time of eight (8) to ten (10) minutes for every battery charge and a variety of up to 100m.

The device is easy to use and has everything that is required for it to instantly fly. There’s conjointly a latch on prime of the controller for holding a smartphone for first-person read [view].

Simple buttons area unit are used for on/off, headless hold mode, and takeoff and landing. There’s a card overlay for the controller that highlights what every function performs, thereby, handy for initial flights.

Featured highlights

Altair Aerial AA108 could be a superior product created from robust, ABS plastic. Although the size area unit is tiny at 183 nsmm x 198mm x 43mm and it weighs solely 85g, the body feels durable enough to require couple of knocks and bruises throughout the initial flights.

A 720p HD camera with a 120-degree read sits at the front of the drone, with mechanical device that guards on both sides.

The forward-facing, 720p HD camera will take still or video footages that is good for candid shots. Nonetheless, as there’s no intrinsic stabilization or gimbal, you don’t get a stabilized footage.

Other basic flight options embrace a Headless Hold mode that permits you to fly the drone from your own orientation. This is often primarily better to fly for the beginner, instead of predicting the drone’s own position.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Drones are mostly, nowadays, used for recreational activities. Some use them for professional work. Those high end and for a specific security purposes are meddled with by the military.

For these objectives, it is best to now that what you are buying should suit your purpose, and you must have an idea about its advantages and disadvantages.

In so doing and specific to this drone, we have culled some common known pros and cons that we have experienced to somehow help you decide whether or not you will decide to get this piece of technology.

We want to be of help and guidance for you to suit your best interest.


Affordable Value

The AA108 is reasonable at solely around $130 bucks. This is often a decent offer, particularly if you’re shopping for this product for a child or a drone beginner who may simply crash it alost every time.


Even if the drone crashes on everyday basis attributable to maneuvering errors, the machine itself is created of sturdy materials, thus there’s simply low likelihood of great breakage.

The AA108 is sensible for the outside as a result of it will handle winds notwithstanding they’re going up to ten (10) miles per hour, not tons of beginner drones will try this.

Spare components

Propellers’ area unit among the foremost delicate components of the drone, enclosed within the package that you just purchase is the area unit, four spare propellers that may use to simply replace those that break when crash.

Wide-angle Camera

The camera that is placed on this drone is at 720p HD. It is sort of sensible considering its worth. The lens is additionally able to cowl wide angles, around one hundred twenty (120) degrees.

Straightforward Controls

This drone includes a good intuitive controller. Beginners and even youngster’s are expected to find out the functions quickly and operate it instantly. This device may also be used while not a smartphone.


Static Camera

The user cannot modify the point of view. Thus, it’s quite troublesome to be inventive together with your shots. This is by far the profound bane of this item.

Limited FPV

The First-Person View[FPV] of this drone is just the controller vary. Perforce, if you would like to travel on a full-blown out of doors journey, it is compulsory that users have to be aware of this drone’s controller’s varying limits, as a result of going on the far side. It will cause a complete loss of control.

Uncommon Batteries

There are feedbacks regarding the batteries of this Altair aerial product since they are terribly specific to the model. They said that the additional batteries that go together with the merchandise don’t last long. Yet, it takes hours to recharge.

Emergency Landing

The product is provided with airplane landing feature. However, it doesn’t appear to figure well. There were reports of users making an attempt to land their devices smoothly to no avail.

A number of users intimated that this drone came with plenty of defects, several of them decided to return the said drone. Some even lost them as a result of the machine malfunctioned in point inflicting in to fly and crash in unknown spots.

Yet, fear not, it will depend upon your own use. You should always prepare yourself for every situation. Consequently, as what all of us will say, “Be Cautious” in everything we do.


Overall, it is safe to mention that the Altair Aerial AA108 is among the simplest choices if you would like an inexpensive and extremely intuitive drone.

Undoubtedly, this is best for beginners, kids, or adults, who wants to learn a way to maneuver drones.

The AA108 has everything within the package for a novice. This is to induce the users in flying a camera drone and capturing their 1st footage.

Eventually, you’ll be able to progress up to additional advanced flying options. In total, This Aerial AA108 Drone is a top quality created product with an affordable and budget friendly value.

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