What’s The Difference Between Bluetooth And WiFi Speakers?

Bluetooth and wifi speakers. These both refer to speakers, the only difference is how will they be connected to another device. With the modernization of the technology comes with various types of wireless connections.

The first to become popular was Bluetooth wireless connection. It was long known common type connection when wifi was not that popular.

Until now, this technology is still in use and has its perks over wifi connection. On the other hand, since wifi is a latest connection, it has of course specification which a Bluetooth connection cannot have.

For non-tech savvy persons or users, it would not really matter if the speaker uses either Bluetooth or wifi as its way of connecting to another device. For typical users, as long as everything works fine, they don’t have to dig which of the two is better.

However, it is significant to still have a general idea of how these two differ as it would help us in determine which of them fits our needs.

Like for example, in connecting via wifi connection, it is necessary that there exists wifi connection. On the other hand, this requirement is not needed in connecting speakers to another device via Bluetooth.

The requirement only is that the two are both Bluetooth capable devices which is very common since most of the devices nowadays have their Bluetooth. Even cellphone who is neither android nor iOS are capable of connecting via Bluetooth.

After knowing, the basic difference between the two, the next thing to be determined is when and where the speakers are going to be used. Identifying this would help you determine which type of connection is more appropriate to your needs.

Hence, if you are travelling and bringing your speaker with you, it would be best if you have a Bluetooth speaker for it does not need wifi connection to connect the devices.

On the contrary, if you would rather stay home where you have wifi, a wifi connection is better. You have device and internet connectivity at the same time.

There are things you can consider when choosing which type of connection would best fit you and knowing something about these two would be a big help to you.

Which is better wireless or Bluetooth speakers?

Actually, it is hard to determine which between Bluetooth and wifi speakers is better. Each of these has their own perks over the other depending on the circumstance where these connections will be used.

Likewise, the other would not be advisable to be used on a situation where its functionality is at great disadvantage.

Furthermore, I personally prefer using Bluetooth speakers rather than wifi speakers. Bluetooth connections are more convenient than wifi. It does not require to be connected to a wifi network.

Therefore, it would work even offline which really is an extra point. Moreover, the only advantage I can see that wifi speakers has over Bluetooth speakers is the quality of sounds and the distance within the wifi coverage.

These advantages for me is not really that important compared to the advantage that Bluetooth would still work offline.

Other users might have different views regarding this matter but what I am trying to say is that your judgement on which of which is important will depend solely on how you use them.

For instance, a person who travels a lot especially on those areas where there is no available wifi would definitely prefer Bluetooth speakers and a person who always stays indoor will prefer wifi speakers.

Do I need Wi-Fi for Bluetooth speakers, why?

As mentioned, Bluetooth speakers can work offline. This means that even without wifi, Bluetooth would remain functional.

The only important thing in the Bluetooth devices is that their Bluetooth functionality remains functional. It is considered as the greatest advantage of the Bluetooth speaker over the wifi speaker.

Thus, a person traveling would prefer having a Bluetooth speaker over a wifi speaker since it will still work without having it connected via wifi connection.

On the other hand, a wifi speaker would always look for an available wifi connection in order to have it up and running.

Bluetooth speakers being not needed to be connected to a wifi network is the most common used speakers. Nowadays, we can even see people walking on the streets with speakers on their hand and another device on the other.

They can play music while walking on the streets since the two only need to be connected to each other and then boom. They are ready to go.

We can even see riders playing loud music while they are travelling. These riders use Bluetooth speakers.

They just have to connect their device with the speaker and they can proceed with playing their songs while enjoying a fun ride.

Are Wi-Fi speakers any good?

Bluetooth speakers being capable of working offline does not mean that it is much better than a wifi speaker. A wifi speaker is better than a Bluetooth speaker if it will be used in a fixed place like at home.

Wifi speaker produces a better quality sounds than a Bluetooth speaker and allows multiple and different devices to be connected to the speaker.

In simple words, if you are going to use a speaker in a specific way or with particularity, it is advisable to use a wifi speaker. A wifi connected speaker has more functionalities than a common Bluetooth speaker.

Unlike Bluetooth speaker, which is more like of a connect and play type of connection, Wifi speakers is complicated

It provides functions such as connecting other devices to the speakers and allow users explore other options that would improve the sound system.

Persons who wanted a great sound system in their room or those who are setting multi-purpose room often tends to have a wifi speakers than a Bluetooth speaker.

This is so because of the functionality that wifi speakers has. Also, this type of technology will still improve in the future. Necessarily, we can expect more from this type of speaker.

How do I choose a Bluetooth speaker?

Presently, there are many types of Bluetooth speakers available in the market. Some are even cheap but we all know that nobody wants to compromise the quality of the device just because it is cheap.

Choosing a Bluetooth speaker for you is not that hard. In order to determine the best Bluetooth speaker that would work for you, you have to first identify how you are going to use the speaker.

You can have a small one if you intend to use the speaker while traveling, you can have such type of speaker handy. There are also Bluetooth speakers which are huge. Tthese types of speakers can be used at home.

Bluetooth speakers are still advisable to those persons who do not have wifi at their home. Of course, the most important thing to consider whenever purchasing any device is to search for the reviews of the device you wish to purchase.

This is not only applicable on choosing a Bluetooth but applies to every device that you are going to purchase.

Checking the reviews of those who previously bought the device would give you insight of the advantages and disadvantages of the device and this would help you analyze which is best.

When should I use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi speakers?

Bluetooth speaker and wifi speakers have their own functionality. Each of these speakers can be best used if they fit the circumstance where their functionality will be maximized.

As given above, as to the Bluetooth speaker it can work offline, thus it is advisable to be used by those persons who travel a lot.

On the other hand, wifi speakers can be best used at home since it requires wifi connection. Hence, it is best to be used by those persons who stay indoors.

Knowing when to be used the device would greatly help a user choose which device is appropriate for such user. Bluetooth speakers are handy while wifi speaker needs to be in a fixed place.

These are the main criteria which a user should know in order to identify which of which should they have. Now that we know what circumstance a specific type of speaker will best work. T

he other thing to be considered are additional functionalities each. Like for example, a wifi speaker could connect all other devices within it. While Bluetooth speakers could only have one device connect to it.

One thing, I also think of is wifi pockets since it would allow you to have wifi speakers work while travelling but that is another matter.


As a conclusion, Bluetooth and wifi speakers are best in their own way. These types of devices would be best use if the user knows the functionality each.

Choosing between the two also requires the user to know the circumstances on where it will be used such as travelling or at home. After knowing the functionality of each of these follows when and where you will use it.

Then, the last thing is determining which among the device available in the market would best fit your needs.

Bluetooth speakers cannot be said to be better than wifi speaker. Likewise, wifi speaker cannot be also said to be better than Bluetooth speaker.

What determines whether which of them is better varies with the user. If I may, I would say that these two are different from each other and not meant to be compared with each other. Even

Bluetooth speakers are long available in the market and can be said to be well tested by most typical users, wifi speakers still has a long road to since it is still on its development stage.

Wifi speakers still have a lot to be improved and with the rapid change in technology I can assume that it will soon overcome its disadvantages.

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