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Why security cameras keep us safer is what we are about to discuss. Nowadays, the rapid growth and development in technology has brought changes to, and affected, every person’s lives. One of the results of such breakthrough and advancement is the convenient use of camera.

A camera has many uses. For all we know, it is one of the greatest inventions to date. They are utilized for entertainment. Cameras are, likewise, used to record or capture moments during travel, special gatherings, and the like.

However, one of the most common, yet evolutional, purposes of introducing camera, and grabbing the same, is for protection. It may help people to live in a much safer and secured environment.

One of these protective categories for which a camera has been created is for security purposes. Thus, security cameras have been designed and have been brought out in the market.

Why security cameras keep us safer?

Security camera devices may be installed in various places, whether in an establishment or in our own homes, with the primary goal of protecting and preventing evil or untoward situations from happening.

They may have the capability to keep us safe in such a way that a person who is about to commit a wrong would entertain doubts in doing so because of the fear hat his actions will be recorded and that the same will be use against him, let alone his possible identification.

Videos or photos captured by security cameras could serve as proof against any improper acts committed. They can be admitted as evidence of a particular wrongdoing.

As a matter of fact, it is not only those security cameras or cctv, which the authorities installed, that can keep us safe. Personal cameras when correctly used could us the same sanctuary against wrongful acts. Dashcams in our private cars are instances of the same.

In the same manner, we can see in social media and in other platforms several recorded videos of events which could have portrayed a different story had it not been captured or recorded.

With the use of cameras we can see what authorities failed to do in a given setting. It could also help us expect situations which we ourselves may encounter in a future. At least, in this way, it can help us determine our would be actions should such instance would occur in the future.

However, the use of camera have, as well, detrimental effects. It can be used to blackmail a person or tarnish his reputations. Yet, all things considered, when juxtaposed with such considerations, the protection and security that the camera can give may outweigh the disadvantages.

Effectiveness of CCTV in reducing crime

CCTV is acronym for closed-circuit television. This is a camera used in recording videos and transmitting the same to the source. We can usually see CCTVs in public places where authorities monitor the daily events within the captured angle of those devices. Nevertheless, the installation of CCTV may not only be limited to public places.

CCTV can also be installed in private places where the owner of such area allowed its installation. As we have observed, CCTV effectively may help reduce the occurrence of crimes.

Installation of security cameras in a specific place would give second thoughts to the person who would commit the crime since the presence of the camera serves as a threat against the perpetrator.

Even though it may be unfortunate, when a crime happens, CCTV can provide indubitable evidence of its occurrence, which may eventually lead to the capture of the perpetrators.

This is the reason why most CCTVs are installed in places where there are reports that crimes always exist.

However, despite the presence of CCTV in various places, it does not guarantee that a crime would not occur there or that there will be no crime that will be committed in such place.

For example, we have seen videos capturing commission of a crime and despite the presence of CCTVs still there is a crime that can be committed.

In some measure, the CCTV, albeit, it does not prevent totally the commission of a crime, the video itself can provide undeniable footages of its happenstance.

Benefits of surveillance camera in public places

Surveillance camera are commonly placed in public places. Its primary objective is to record the commission of wrongdoings and prevent the happening of the same.

Similarly, the reason why surveillance cameras are installed in public places is that these surroundings are usually crowded and filled with people, which for individuals who have sinister motives is a good opportunity to perpetrate their unlawful acts. For them, such crowded set up will be blanket that would aid them in committing a crime.

With the presence of surveillance cameras in these environments, commission of crimes or wrongdoings, although may not be noticeable to the public, are still, and can be, recorded.

We can also see videos in different platforms showing crimes such as pickpocketing, snatching, robbery, or even kidnapping captured in public places by surveillance cameras.

This helps authorities to figure out ways on how to prevent and avoid these crimes or if whether such locations will need the presence of law enforcement authority.

We have seen that cameras in public places can also assist in locating the destination of offenders after they have committed a crime. We have learned that the surveillance cameras in highways can be used in such a way to determine the route of the offenders after committing a crime from one location.

Thus, it can be said that surveillance camera in public places benefits the people especially the public in general. It will be best if authorities will augment this and learn from previous experience, thereby, being able to craft and design a protective blanket for the public, especially those who are unsuspecting.

What are the advantages of having security cameras in your home?

Security or surveillance cameras cannot only be used in public places. As mentioned above, these cameras can also be placed in private locations, provided that the owner allows it or he himself installed it for his own protection and safety.

These cameras can also be placed in the vicinity of one’s home. These affords the owner of the house additional safeguard and protection.

The main advantages of having security cameras at home is that it provides additional layer of safeguard. We have seen videos throughout the internet recorded by home installed cameras of crimes of trespassing or possible robbery.

We have witness one video over the internet where a marine officer’s house was targeted by unknown person to rob.

However, with the use of the camera installed in the house, the marine officer was able to figure out that there is an unknown person trying to get access to his house.

With this, he was able to locate the perpetrator and strategize a way in order to neutralize the person and prevent his sinister motive or intention, all thanks to the installation of security camera at his house.

There are also other instances that the installation of cameras at our home would give us advantages. It is better to be safe than be sorry, as we are always saying.

What are the disadvantages of security cameras?

Undoubtedly, the use of security cameras, or even what they call spy cameras, have been proven to be beneficial for most people. Nevertheless, it has also its share of disadvantages. The most common of which and regarded as the hot topic, as regards the use of these devices, is the invasion of privacy rights of people.

Persons who usually disagree with the installation of security cameras always invoke their rights to privacy. Their argument is that the presence of such gadgets will prevent them from doing things which are personal to them.

Indeed, if all places would have security cameras, the level of privacy expectancy of one person would decrease. Yet, this is answered by installing the security camera only to public places where the privacy expectancy is actually low.

Thus, a person in a public place cannot complain that his privacy rights are invaded by the presence of said security cameras. Privacy rights in public locations are not actually the same as compared to when an individual is in a private setting.

Final Thoughts

In sum, use of cameras has different purposes. One of which is for safety and protection. Cameras being utilized for such purpose can be installed in public places if required by the authorities or at a private place, such as at one’s home, so long as the owner of the area or the house opted to do so.

Security cameras have both the advantages and disadvantages. As for its advantages, it affords additional security and protection to the people.

It can also prevent a commission of a crime in such a way that it would give perpetrator second thoughts or fear.

Also, it helps authorities to devise a way for the prevention of crimes and other matters concerning the enforcement of law.

As to its disadvantages, the common point is the invasion of privacy rights. However, this can be resolved by installing security cameras only to public places and giving an option to a private individual to install his own camera in case he decides to for his protection and safety.

Balancing the benefits and disadvantages brought by the use of security camera, it can be realized that the benefits outweigh its disadvantages. Consequently, it can be said, nowadays, that security cameras play an important role in adding layer of protection for the people.

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