How To Live Life Without Technology | Challenging Yet Possible

In this post, we shall dive into the question: How to live life without technology? Or in a more personal approach, how would you live life without technology?

Did you ever think what life would be like without technology? Are you one of those people that uses their phone the second they wake up to the second they fall asleep? Are you always on your device? What if your house lost power and technology was gone…forever.

There are days when I’ve been out of touch with technology for as long as 10 hours. Maybe it’s because I’m also out of contact with people the whole day. It’s up to me alone exploring nature and its wonders, unplugged from the busy online world. This is how I live life without technology.

How to live life without technology?

To this generation, such scenario may come as a surprise for most people. However, most fully functional societies across history have gotten along just fine without most of the technology we think of as necessities in modern society.

The reason was that most technology was invented by people who had never even experienced life without it.

For quite possibly the first time in human history, when we come again to a point where we inhabit a world and we can experience life without most of the technologies at hand, we, then, have to rely on ourselves, our skills, and our own human capabilities to survive.

Settling on a life without technology, you can still quit your smartphone, communicate by letter, read books online or offline, watch free video or download music directly. People are constantly searching for ways to be more connected to the world around them.

One may also live with nature. Use the the things, food, shelters, and basic human needs that nature and wildlife can offer. In this wise, one may enter the journey of living and surviving without the benefit of technology.

Can we live without technology?

As an initial reaction, of course we could outrightly say that humans can live without technology because people before us have lived years with little to no technology. They only relied on their bare hands and feet to survive and live. They made fire from the friction of two rocks.

They communicated through letters and wait for the other person to receive the message for days before they could read them and another couple of days for the other person to receive the reply.

Libraries were always full of people who just want to read, and those who were researching for school work. People went home, ate dinner with family, and talked about their days.

While this may seem a beautiful life (which it really is), we cannot deny the fact that technology has brought convenience to mankind. We became dependent on technology to the point that we feel like dying without it.

Remember a moment in your life when an electricity shortage happened and you lost connection to Wi-Fi? Or when your family went out of town for a vacation where not even a bar of signal is present? What did it feel like? Were you able to survive it? You barely did, maybe.

Do you ever wonder how people lived without technology? How does someone live life without Facebook, computers, cars, running water, or indoor plumbing? There’s a reason why nobody asks how they lived without airplanes. It’s because they always have.

Such circumstances show how we are all suckers for technology. Unfortunately for this query, We live in a world that’s overly dependent on technology.

Can we imagine our life without technology?

If we are to imagine life without technology at this point in our existence, it would be a very challenging situation. This pandemic has made us immensely reliant on technology.

People only communicate through mobile phones or video calls through their laptops. To be able to work from home, you must have a stable internet connection and reliable gadgets such as a computer desktop or other office tools such as printers.

The same thing happens for online schooling where children have to use gadgets and Wi-Fi for accessing learning materials sent by their teachers or for conducting online classes where they have to meet virtually.

Survival and Boredom

Will we have survived quarantine and lockdowns brought about by this global health disaster without gadgets or if not for technologies?

Imagine having to spend your day just looking through the window or making drawings, or reading a book, or cross stitching and it would not be so bad.

Nonetheless, think of doing those activities repeatedly, every single day for more than a year while being forced to stay at home and we would have lost our sanity.

For most people, especially those born prior to development of technology, it is not like a lifeblood that makes them productive because they have lived long enough to prove that life  can still roll well enough even without technology.

Yet, mankind born after the innovation of technology can hardly live without it. It kills boredom. Technology makes us feel we are more productive with it and converts living more convenient and our lives easier.

Is life better without technology?

With how fast-paced life is today, it can safely be said that the same will not be better without technology. The absence, or even lack of technology, will only bring hardships to humans.

The technology itself is proof that humanity evolved from what they used to be. They always seek to have the best type of living condition and they believe that it is technology that brings it.


Nevertheless, there is also another take on this: life is better without technology. Without technology, we would not get distracted. For instance, in cases when we are trying to focus but suddenly our phone rings.

We go to check such notifications and then suddenly, we are surprised that an hour has passed because we scrolled through social media or we have played games.

Despite that, when our phone is charging, we communicate with other people around us, with all the emotions and gestures we could show that we cannot express when we are talking through our phones.

How will lack of technology affect the way you live?

If technology never existed, life would still be going on, but not as fast as it is developing now.

People would still do things in processes that are basic like cooking with a regular stove, reading a physical book, writing down notes or even drinking water from the faucet.

They would just spend their days working, then playing with their kids or talking over something they are passionate about.

Coming face to face with people to form good relationships for life. It would have been a normal life, just like how we see from movies or how our grandparents or parents are telling stories about.

However, it would be a different scenario when we are born in the era of technology, because in that case, we are not familiar with the feeling of not having anything that needs less effort or labor.

Hence, it would drastically affect all of our lives. If we suddenly lose touch with technology. It would be difficult to go back to basics, although not insurmountable.

Do people really need technology in their lives?

People do need technology in their lives. There are vast amounts of different types and kinds of technology that are being used and upgraded throughout the years.

Before, people only used abacus as an aid to calculate but it does not calculate on its own. Rather, it only helps people to remember what has already been calculated.

Several centuries have passed after that when a modern calculator was invented, which is a more advanced calculation tool that can solve various and complex calculations.

This modern calculator used microchips that were programmed using binary digits to display numbers and perform calculations.

From this example, we have seen how humans tried to integrate different knowledge from different fields to create a powerful tool which is derived from a simple, wooden type of calculation device.

It only implies that technological advancement is always present throughout the ages. The reason being, people have shown that, through technology, inventions will and always be improved as sturdier than previous versions while only exerting less effort to perform the task.

Technological advancement is driven by those individuals who are striving to achieve the best and most convenient life that they could experience. This is by fulfilling their dreams to create one technological invention from another basic unit.

Humans tend to solve their daily problems with the present technology available. But, every problem that is being solved, there will always be another problem that is left to be solved.

As shown above, it is a concrete example of how we really need technology in our lives. It does not only make our life seamless, but, it provides solutions to what seem unsolvable problems to us before.

We need technology to motivate us and make us more productive. It is with its help that we can do a lot of activities in a day and accomplish the same in no time.

How does technology affect our lives?

Technology affects most parts of our lives in such a way that it the same more comfortable, convenient, and easy.

For example, you need not acquire cooking gas when you run out of it because there are induction cookers which are powered by electricity.

Instead of writing a letter in a paper and sending it through post offices, you can just send a message if you have cellular phones or just download a messaging app to send the message.

You can also use a vacuum to clean surfaces and walls of your house instead of using a regular broom.

You can see your loved ones residing abroad through a video call using your mobile phones or desktops.

You can style your hair using electricity powered hair tools to skip going to the salon.

You can even search anything on the internet and you will instantly get answers. These are just a few of the instances of how technology helps us even in the smallest ways.

In spite of these, technology also has negative effects. With regard to privacy, it makes us vulnerable to hacking because tech genius people can easily access our data or install computer viruses in our gadgets.

On the other hand, it can also affect our relationships with other people as we tend to be more engrossed and interested in technology than having physical interaction with them.

We tend to be distant and disengaged which makes us lonelier later on, which we are not aware of.


With the foregoing discussions, it shows that, although we can live without technology, we will now have difficulty doing it.

We are well aware of the fact how technology gives us a breath of fresh air, as it paves the way for a faster and more conducive way of living.

It eases our stress and it makes most things better. However, just like any other, too much technology is bad.

We still have to keep track of how we use it and how it influences how we think, act and feel. Friendly reminder: Use technology wisely.

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